Some references to link bait in the world of Quotes.

Famous Quotes Albert Einstein Some references to link bait in the world of Quotes.

Link Bait in the World of Quotes

How to be ranked on the first page of Google? This is probably the most repeated Question by many websites.

Of course, some of them were very lucky to be in the field with little competition where so called On-site SEO is more than enough to be ranked very well. However for many others it’s very important to use more strategic step which is called Off-site SEO or Off-site SEO techniques.

Starting with Off-site SEO, it is a way of getting links to your websites from other websites. This technigue is usually called back-links or inbound links. Off-Site then means being influenced from the factors outside your website. And to give your website a lift up by creating content merely to generate more links – that’s what it is nowadays called – Link Bait.

Let’s see what is Wikipedia saying what link bait is:
“Link bait is any content or feature, within a website, designed specifically to gain attention or encourage others to link to the website. Link bait can be an extremely powerful form of marketing as it is viral in nature. The content for link baiting would be a text, image, audio or video clip and it interesting enough to catch people’s attention”.

Although in the World of Quotes you can not find so many examples of Link bait,
we believe that the following links will at least help you to find some of your favourite famous quotes.



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