5 Benefits of Social Media in Education

There is still some debate regarding the role social media should play in education.

While critics call for regulation and for removal of social media from classrooms, advocates point out the unquestionable benefits that social media provide for today’s digital learners.

So, what are the benefits of social media for nowadays students?

1) Social media represent an effective way to increase student engagement and build better communication skills. Students who rarely raise a hand in class may feel more comfortable expressing themselves on Twitter, Google+, YouTube or Facebook.

2) Facebook and Twitter can enhance communication among students and teachers. Teachers can answer students’ questions via a Facebook page or Twitter feed, post homework and lesson plans, share interesting Websites. Students can use Twitter to get help from instructors or other students.

3) Teachers can use social media to connect with parents and other teachers to build a community around their educational environment.

4) Blogs and Websites can be used to post assignments, discussion topics or schedule of events.

5) Students entering the workforce can use social networking sites to network and find employment. With LinkedIn, students can establish a professional web presence, post a resume, and connect with potential employers.

Following infographic created by oBizMedia shows a very nice summary of benefits of social media in education together with some real examples how to use social media in schools.

schools 5 Benefits of Social Media in Education
Source: The Use of Social Media in School


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