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Instagram Photoset Wine4 Instagram Photoset   Wine

Wine.., something everybody knows. An alcoholic beverage usually made from grapes. Or better say from the fruit which comes the first thing to people’s mind, when they start to talk about wine. But have you ever thought why is wine made from grapes so popular..?

It is clear that the popularity of wine is affected by many factors. Some people say that wine is popular because of its health benefits, such as prevention of heart disease, increase of “good” cholesterol, protection against artery damages and so on. Other people say that’s simply because of its aroma and taste. It is estimated that humans can identify more than ten thousand unique smells. It is amazing, isn‘t it? 

When it comes to wine tasting, the best way to release these aromas is to swirl the glass. The mixture of air and wine will intensify the aroma of wine to its best. As for the tasting itself, although the human tongue is limited to the primary tastes, it can provide us with some great additional information that our noses are not able to recognize.  

In any case, the popularity of wine is also the reason why is this subject chosen by many photographers around the world.

In today’s post we wanted to show you how is the wine seen by the eyes of instagramers. Let’s see together their interesting pictures.

Instagram Photoset Wine Instagram Photoset   Wine

Instagram Photoset Wine2 Instagram Photoset   Wine

Instagram Photoset Wine3 Instagram Photoset   Wine


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