Effective storytelling – the best way to be seen in the web information overload.

Customers and businesses are overloaded with information.
More words are thrown away than read. This is a clear fact that represents our age. Marketing and advertisings are almost everywhere.

The best way to engage your audience and drive them to your website or store seems to be an effective and well developed story.

Effective storytelling is fine and beautiful art which stands out above all the noise. A well presented story is successful in achieving its objectives and it is remembered long after all others are forgotten.

In the following infographic made by LookBookHQ and Beutler Ink you can see 5 basic tips to make sure your story will rise above the noise and helps to make your brand memorable to your targeted audience.

Show, don’t tell.
Get people to listen. Engage with visual content and combine it with other effective content.

Make sure your message doesn’t get skimmed.
Frame it as a story, with a strong title and interesting hook to get your audience.

Manage information for your audience.
Don’t rely on your audience to piece your story together for themselves. Tell them the story you want them to hear.

Don’t let your brand get lost in marketing overload.
Make your story memorable the same way writers make memorable their characters.

Don’t let your information get lost in different place
Package all information together into a narrative to make sure its heard.

Beutler LookBook Infographic Final 6.12.13 Effective storytelling   the best way to be seen in the web information overload.

Courtesy of: LookBookHQ


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