Best Practices on Twitter – Infographic

Be the best at what you want to achieve on Twitter.

Once you are on Twitter, you will always think about best practices you can use to achieve the best results you want. Best practices on Twitter are always in combination of interesting and useful content with unique tone of connection with your audience.

Keep tweets short. Tweets are limited to 140 characters. Nevertheless media reveal that the shorter tweets get higher percentage of engagement.

Include video, pictures, links. It is no secret that tweets with pictures get twice the retweet.

Make your tweets real-time. Timing matters. And a lot.. Tweet often and follow your interests. Following is a fantastic way to discover compelling content and inspire ideas for your own Tweets. Engage with other Twitter users using retweets, mentions and informal conversation.

Not enough information? So, check out the following infographic made by NJI Media and get the best results from your Twitter use.

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