Are your Kids on the Internet right now?

Kids on the Internet. Are they safe enough? One of the topics, adults should take care about these days more than ever.

Parents often assume that their children use the Internet in the similar way they do. But the truth is that, while they bank, shop, and catch up on the news, kids are gaming, writing to pen friends, downloading homework pictures and so on. They just use the Internet in different way and for different reasons, depending on their age and their particular interests.

But there is one more practical question. How often do kids surf? Although you keep safety of your kids on the internet, wouldn’t be better for them to go out, to spend more time outdoors?
In one survey, more than 61 percent of kids said they spent online an hour a day, with another 26 percent spending one to two hours on the internet on a typical day. Isn’t it too much?

In the following infographic have a look at today’s kids as compared to the children of the past. Do you find anything surprising?

kids of the past vs kids of the internet generation 51f6d43068a26 w587 Are your Kids on the Internet right now?

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