About LifeTastesWell


my name is Ivo and I am the owner of this blog LifeTastesWell.

I’m a big fan of marketing and an avid reader of anything interesting that can be found in this web information overload. 

I live in Podebrady, beautiful town and well-known spa of Czech Republic and I work for a small social media agency specialized in business branding on the internet.

This blog LifeTastesWell is here for You, for all Readers that just want to be inspired by some famous quotes, remarkable infographics or some other interesting information.

And even though the name of this page does not show proper English I bought it some years ago as I liked it and I’ve been running it ever since.

I fully believe that some of the posts can inspire you as well as they attracted me to start this blog as a part of my hobby.


Ivo Novy the owner of LifeTastesWell About LifeTastesWell


If you want to get connected with me please do so.

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram, circle me on Google+, add me on Facebook or you can just use any of other social sites I am connected in: http://xeeme.com/IvoNew

Wish you the Best, Ivo