MOOC is a new way of higher education

MOOC is a New Way of Higher Education.

Life is a learning process. The moment you stop learning, you start dying.. Probably nothing is more truth than that. To follow this idea at a time when you’ve left the school ... Continue Reading →
effective storytelling

Effective storytelling – the best way to be seen in the web information overload.

Customers and businesses are overloaded with information. More words are thrown away than read. This is a clear fact that represents our age. Marketing and advertisings are almost ... Continue Reading →
Social media in education

5 Benefits of Social Media in Education

There is still some debate regarding the role social media should play in education. While critics call for regulation and for removal of social media from classrooms, advocates point ... Continue Reading →
Content curation

Content Curation Guide for SEO

One of the main things to remember about internet content curation is the fact that there is a huge amount of information around us practically about every topic. Good content curation ... Continue Reading →
best practices at twitter

Best Practices on Twitter – Infographic

Be the best at what you want to achieve on Twitter. Once you are on Twitter, you will always think about best practices you can use to achieve the best results you want. Best practices ... Continue Reading →
Don't take things for granted

Famous quotes for Monday

Don’t be pushed by your problem; be led by your dreams. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place. Making one person smile can change the world – ... Continue Reading →
social media for social good

Social Media for Social Good

According to a recent statistics a lot of Americans want brands to support causes. Besides, it was found that many people were willing to buy or bought a product from a company because ... Continue Reading →